By andymulcahy / January 4, 2020

An end to ‘thought it, bought it’ – why Amazon’s strengths don’t translate to the 2020s

Convenience and choice were virtues in the 2010s, but the definition of what makes a successful retailer must shift in...

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By andymulcahy / December 9, 2019

The environmental election pledges won’t work while we remain ‘consumers’

There are many indicators that businesses in the 2020s are going to be heavily pressured to demonstrate how sustainable /...

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By andymulcahy / October 14, 2019

Retail as we knew it is dead – time to start discussing its rebirth

We have to go much, much further than the usual marketing platitudes if we are to make retail appropriate to the modern age; because it isn’t retailers who need to change – it’s retail itself.

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