About the Institute

The Post-Economic Institute has been set up by online retail expert Andy Mulcahy to instigate debate around what kind of system is appropriate to underpin an infrastructure characterised by connectivity, AI and continual data tracking.

It focuses on retail to illustrate why using economics as the primary means for determining and assessing value in human activity is no longer valid in the digital connected age. It further argues that the values of capitalism are obsolete and looks to establish new, post-economic and digitally-focused methods for determining value.

It receives no funding and has no affiliation with any other groups; it exists purely to bring a fresh perspective to debates on how to evolve business to make it appropriate for the 21st century.

About Andy Mulcahy

Andy MulcahyAndy is a recognised leading expert on online retail in the UK. His day job is strategy and insight director at IMRG – the UK’s online retail trade association – where he researches trends and developments affecting the sector and acts as industry commentator on all topics relating to online retail.