Businesses don't need economics to determine value anymore; data is an end in itself

Mapping out how retail should evolve to meet the challenges of the 2020s

The Post-Economic Institute's approach is to raise awareness around areas where economics is currently assumed to be natural and inevitable and challenge them.

It believes that, due to digital technology:

  • It is no longer accurate to define individuals as consumers

  • Generic common standards, such as money, cannot measure value meaningfully

  • It is personalisation, not economics, that should regulate individuals’ access to things

  • The values of our economic system – choice, competition, opportunity, privacy – are obsolete

  • The measurement of business success should be efficiency, not profit

  • Employment can technically refer to anything we do

  • Metrics should be specific to each individual, not each business

For a system to make sense in the digital age, the determination of value must be redefined away from economics to fit an infrastructure characterised by connectivity, AI and continual data tracking. Doing so would enable the realisation of the great potential of our time – the establishment of a system based around the recognition and treatment of individuals as individuals in everything they do.

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